Dato sensible (Sensitive Data)

A short documentary by Anne Huffschmid and Alfonso Diaz Tovar (16′, full HD, finishes Dicember 2020, Mexiko/Germany)

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Direction and research: Anne Huffschmid, Alfonso Díaz Tovar

Script: Anne Huffschmid y Alfonso Díaz Tovar

Cinematography: René Rivas

Editing: Jan-Holger Hennies

Production: Center for Advanced Latin American Studies (CALAS), Guadalajara, México

Postproduction: Jan-Holger Hennies

Vimeolink to international version: https://vimeo.com/512961399 (password: Dato&Ingles/)


Spaces of terror, produced by massacre or disappearance, do not belong to far away galaxies or to some kind of no one’s land, rather they are inserted into our everyday geographies. We coexist with them, often they go unseen or unperceived. They have a voice and things to tell, so let’s start listening. Sensitive Data leads you to recognize and interrogate these landscapes within the Mexican geography, to immerse yourself in their textures, their patterns, the voices that inhabit them. And there is another code that speaks to us, disturbingly.

Biography directors

Anne Huffschmid is a researcher and filmmaker based in Berlin. In her transdisciplinary research she combines etnographic as well as analitical, audiovisual and artistic approaches. Her projects have dealt with a wide range of topics related to Latin American conflicts, among them her latest audiovisual research on forensic landscapes and resistance in the face of forced disappearance. „Sensitive Data“ in the latest outcome of that research, as well as the documentary „Persistence“ (2019, with Jan-Holger Hennies, which participated in numerous international festivals and was awarded as best documentary in DocsMX, 2020 edition) as well as the webdocumentary „Forensic Landscapes“ (2020 www.forensiclandscapes.com, selected for the IDFA Doclab 2020).

Alfonso Díaz Tovar is a documentary filmmaker and social psychologist based in Mexico City. Alfonso specializes in memory and comunitarian practices, his audiovisual work has focussed on cultural tradition as well as memorial sites in his home country Mexico.

Filmography Anne Huffschmid

Tecnogeist 2000 (2001, 45′, with C. Burkhard, prod. Goethe Institut)

La Emperatriz de México (2006, 60′, with C. Burkhard, prod. FONCA/CCC)

Desafiando la tierra (Defying the earth) (2018, 37′, with J.H. Hennies, prod. GIZ)

Persistencia (Persistence) (2019, 54′, with J.H.Hennies, prod. Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung/FU Berlin) Awarded as best Mexican documenary in DocsMx (Mexico City, october 2020).

Forensic Landscapes (2020, interactive webdoc, forensiclandscapes.com; with P. Martínez Zarate, prod. IberoDocsLab/VolkswagenStiftung) Awarded as best webdocumentary in the FINNOF festival (april 2020).

Dato sensible (Sensitive Data) (2020, 16′, with A. Díaz Tovar, prod. CALAS)

The filmography of Alfonso Díaz Tovar includes two seasons of the series “Museos Vivos” (Living Museums, 2013-2015); co-director of the experimental documentary “Pie de página” (2014, winner of the 9° Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de México (DocsDF) for best Mexican short film; co-director of the documentary “Puntos Suspensivos” (2015) winner of the Zanate Award, CONACULTA for the best short film documentary in the 8° Festival de Cine Documental Mexicano Zanate.