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Vortrag am 20. Juni 2022 „Forensik, Archäologie und Formen von Gewalt. Vom Umgang mit menschlichen Überresten an und jenseits der FU“, zusammen mit Prof. Susan Pollock, im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung „Eugenik-Entmenschlichung-Erinnerung“ im offenen Hörsaal der FU (Präsenz und Livestream) // Link zum Termin

Entrevista conducida por la periodista mexicana Yael Weiss, para TV UNAM, a propósito de su festival EL Aleph, en mayo de 2021.

In the context of the Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival (19-28.03 2021)  Anne Huffschmid was convenor of the panel on „Existential crisis, exceptional fields:expanding fieldwork and storytelling in the face of violence and pandemic“ (panel description and recording).

""Persistence" was selected for official competition in the 2021 edition of the Royal Anthropology Institut Festival, 19-29.03 2021.

Report of the Mexican Television (Canal 22) on the films by Anne Huffschmid, on the occasion of the International Day of the Disappeared, 30th of August 2020.

See for the transcription of the complete interview:

The webdocumentary Forensic Landscapes was launched and presented the 13th of February 2020 at the Centro de Cultura Digital in Mexico City (link to the event).  In april 2020 it was awarded as best webdocumenary at the international Festival for New Non-Fiction Narratives (FINOFF).

Si prefiere el  trailer en castellano, haz clic aqui.

International premiere of the documentary Persistencia (Persistence)  6th of February 2020 in Mexico City. Panel discussion with Mario Rufer, Christiane Burkhard and Paula Mónaco Felipe.

–> download Flyer (English, castellano,  deutsch)

–> Link to Trailer (English subtitles):



In 2020, Persistencia has been selected to participate in a number of prestigious international festivals such as Ambulante and DocsMX (Mexico), EASA (Lissabon, Portugal), Etnocineca (Wien, Austria), Festival de Cine Etnográfico (Quito, Ecuador),  PUKAÑAWI (Sucre, Bolivia) and the Jean Rouch International Film Festival (Paris).

See for the current screening  in DocsMX (8 – 25 of October,  free online-screening the 19th ) this festival link!

On February 7 of 2020 the interactive web platform Pedagogia Forense was launched in Mexiko City, that Anne Huffschmid had conceptualized and directed, together with Jan-Holger Hennies, for the Equipo Mexicano de Antropologia Forense (Funding ifa-zivik): link to the platform (only Spanish).


Anne Huffschmid (2020): „The Human Remains. Forensic Landscapes and Counter-Forensic Agencies in Violent Presents – The Mexican Case“,  in the series: DSF-Forschung, Nr. 54 (link to the download)